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Thank you for supporting my small business. If you have some feedback for me, good or bad, I would love to hear it. And if you would like to leave a review, please do so on my facebook page or email me through the contact tab. I love reading your words!

Lip Balms:

"I just got my shipment of lipbalms and I'm CRAZY about them!! OMG... I ordered a couple of different flavors and i have to say they are WONDERFUL!!! I am an ICU RN and my lips and hands suffer for it. I've used this lipbalm for 2 days now and my lips feel supple, soft and wonderful. I've used so many other lip balms and they've coated but not penetrated and healed. But this does! I just want to share my own experience and I hope you find it helpful! This is in my scrub pocket now! OMG seriously, my lips feel amazing! As a nurse, I have little time to hydrate during my shift. And I prefer to work my three shifts a week together. Eventually my lips and hands suffer. My lips now feel supple and soft and wonderful. My hands need to catch up!" -Angela R. (Indianapolis, IN)

"These lip balms are smooth and silky, with no sticky residue"-Renae R. (Valencia, CA)

"I am a total lip balm snob and yours is my new favorite. Smooth without sticky. Moisturizing and long lasting."-Tami H. (Valencia, CA)

"These lip balms are my all time favorite! They are moisturizing and hydrating and extremely effective. I love the silky and smooth texture along with the amazing scent. Lavender lemonade is my absolute favorite! I feel great putting Charlotte’s chapstick on my lips knowing that it is all natural! Definitely an amazing buy, I highly recommend!!!" -Mandi C. (Sonora, CA)

"These soaps and lip balms are amazing. They are pretty much all we use now." -Tanya H. (Poway, CA)

"I just tried my chapstick on a wound and it's healed within two days!! This stuff smells so good, doesn't exasperate my severe allergies/chemical sensitivity, and barely any amount needed to do an incredible job!! Love this! Got it from my secrete sister who is the best!!" -Wanda V. (Thornton, CO)

"Highly recommend if people are looking for mother's day swag - I am VERY picky about how stuff smells and the soaps and chapsticks smell fresh, light, and natural. I've gotten kind of addicted to the lemon drop chapstick..." -Anna H. (San Diego, CA)


Lotion Tubes:

"I love mine! It is so calming on my skin after a day in the kitchen with so much hand washing." -Sharon (Thornton, CO)

"I got my order today and immediately placed another order.  The grapefruit lotion stick smells divine.  I'm very picky about lip products and am in love with the lip balm.  It goes on so smoothly.  Packaging and shipping were great and in a timely manner." -Laura H. (St. Louis, MO)

"The tubes are so handy and easy to use. Your skin doesn't feel wet after applying and your skin feels amazing. My acupuncturist even commented on how smooth and moisturized my legs looked." -Chris M. (Wheat Ridge, CO)

"I have two of those lotion tubes and I love them! I bought 2 of the Eucalyptus Spearmint. Love the smell and how my arms feel after using them." -Lacey G. (Poway, CA)

"I purchased the solid lotion tube and lip balm, and both products blew me away! I have really dry hands and get chapped lips easily, and both products seem to work super well for me. (Also, they smell amazing!!) Turnaround time was super quick too. Definitely recommend! " -Sarah L. (Eagan, MN)

"I highly recommend Charlotte and Soaps by a Chemist! For my mother’s birthday, I asked very last minute if she could deliver that day instead of ship and she made it happen! She also packaged the stuff I had ordered together into a separate bag with a ribbon. My mom loved all the stuff but especially the lotions." -Zarana Patel (Poway, CA)


Salt Bar Soaps:

"Love the satsuma salt bar for my feet! Just used it again, makes my feet soft again. And the scent is so simple but lovely and light."-Amy P. (Poway, CA)


"I included mini soaps and chapsticks from Soaps by a Chemist in bridal party boxes I put together and they were both a HUGE hit. The soaps smell absolutely delicious and the chapsticks are so silky smooth. Love!" -Tovah R. (San Marcos, CA)

"I tried my Sage and Lemongrass this morning and LOVE ❤️ it!! Smells fabulous! I can actually pronounce every word that’s in it and understand what each one is 😂  This is a big deal to me.  And the bath bomb is amazing. I’ll be ordering more of both 😊" -Laura B. (Excelsior Springs, Missouri) 

"I just got my order yesterday and couldn’t wait to open it. Granted everything is Christmas gifts, I opened the box and the smell of the different soaps were just amazing. I tried my sample and I can’t wait to order again. Thank you so much for your help." - Amanda (Bison, South Dakota)

"I do notice a difference in my hands since I started using your soap. I have eczema so my hands are often dry and cracked but not since I switched to this. They are so soft." -Stacy S. (North Scituate, RI)

"Soaps smell amazing and feel great. Not to mention the beautiful aesthetic that comes with it!" -Sydney I. (Provo, UT)

"Great soaps! Wonderful smell and soft lather!" -Ang H. (Valencia, CA)

"Charlotte is a real deal chemist, and after trying her soaps I’m so happy!! They smell amazing, and are very high quality with only amazing ingredients. If you’re going to buy natural soap bars, buy them from her. Ten out of ten would recommend!" -Bev B. (Bend, OR)

"Fun, innovative scents with great variety! Plus the creator is super awesome and wonderful to do business with!" -Teresa A. (Valencia, CA)

"Wow! These are good quality with real ingredients! They leave my sensitive skin soft and smooth, without any itch from unnecessary fillers. I love the essential oil scents and the goat milk soaps are amazing too!" -Amber C. (Grove City, OH)

"The soaps are amazing: the smell is incredible and they lather nicely! Lip balms are wonderful and of quality. I’m addicted to her lip balm and they smell equally amazing! Her jam is delicious!! I purchased some items for gifts and my girlfriends LOVED the products!! Great idea to start thinking of the holidays! I can’t thank you enough for such a quality product!!!" -Angelina B. 

"I am obsessed with your soaps!!!  My family loves them too.  Which is great because it gets my boys to wash their hands more. It is so much better for my skin. All the hand washing is really hard on my skin.  Your soap has really helped with that!!  And it smells amazing." -Michaela C. (Raleigh, NC)

"Thank you @handmadesoapsbyachemist aka Charlotte for the beautiful soap! Did you know that handmade soap is better for you than your off the shelf brand. Personally I love knowing what I'm using on my body and she lists every ingredient! Highly recommend because her soaps smell amazing, lather amazing, and they make my skin feel AMAZING!" -Taylor K. the Mermaid (Broadview Heights, OH)

"They look so gorgeous and I know smell amazing! I think of egg nog or hot cocoa scent [when I see the peppermint swirl soap]. PS. I'm in LOVE with your oatmeal bar soap with the seeds in it! It exfoliates my skin and feels amazing. Love all your creations ❤" -Sarah S. (San Antonia, TX)

"I wanted to reach out to you to tell you what you really deserve to know. Though I’ve always claimed to be a morning person, I hate to get up and ready. The whole shower, hair and makeup thing is what gets in the way of me loving mornings...until your soap. I love showering now. I look forward to an apple Jack or lavender lemonade morning and it gets me hopping out of bed. I recently bought a set of soaps, a dish and a lip balm for my boss for Boss’ Day. She was so happy! She raved about the lip balm, but she didn’t want to use up the soap. I promised her I’d replace them as she uses them just to get her to treat herself. So, you just deserve to know how your hobby has transformed my mornings and how it’s made my lovely boss feel worthy of luxury. Thank you. Thank you so very much. :)" -Tara C. (Poway, CA)

"These are such beautiful soaps! I bought a ton and they smell as good as they look. They make excellent gifts and are awesome to treat yourself. We can't travel as much with Covid, but these soaps bring all the smells of adventure instead. The Lilac smells like nostalgia. Dragon's Blood brings me back to the Renaissance festivals. I want to eat the Orange Poppyseed. They are all beautiful and I love them!" -Sarah S. (Eagle Mountain, UT)

"Love love love these soaps!! (And bath bombs!) And the chapsticks are so amazing as well if you need a new clean one!" -Ashley C. (Poway, CA)

"These are so nice. Love the poppyseed. Lots of lather. Hubby loves the tube of lotion. Very nice products." - Penny M. (Norwalk, WI)

"I desperately needed something to combat my dry hands and the lotion bar tubes were exactly what I needed! I love how easy it is, even my daughter is applying it to her hands! I also ordered the lip balm which (smells amazing) and is probably the best lip balm I’ve ever used! I will definitely be purchasing more!" -Alisha D. (Castaic, CA). 

"I was over the moon excited when I received my packages. The aroma coming from my mailbox was amazing!!!! Thank you so much! Can’t wait to give my gifts." -Jeannine W. (Saugus, CA)

"I love your soaps and bath bombs! The ones I just got look and smell amazing! Looking forward to seeing what is in your Feb release." -Kim C. (San Diego, CA)

"Her products are the best! I’ve ordered for my business as gifts, for me personally and I’ve also been gifted by [a friend]-great local find!!" -Vanessa J. (San Diego, CA)

"I have super sensitive skin and dry lips in the winter(Colorado). I absolutely LOVE my chapsticks and soap!! 100% would recommend! The ingredients are pure, simple, and AMAZING! My new favorite." -Jessie M. (Brighton, CO)

"Our family loves Charlotte's soaps too! My husband usually just uses plain old Dove, but after I got him a Soaps by a Chemist soap bar for Christmas, that's all he wants to use. My daughter and I love them too! And the lipgloss is amazing." -Bonnie M. (San Diego, CA)